Lessons, guided tours, info-boots

The efficiency of a protection program for springs depends on the acceptance of the practical measurements by the population. The multi-facetted public relations work and a multitude of activities in environmental education of the Hesse Federation for Cave and Karst Research ensures, that the topic "Protection of springs" takes an important position within the Biosphere Reserve Rhön. Each year, many press releases report about the progress of the spring monitoring, the diverse fauna of the springs and the protection efford by local activists. Informations of the spring monitoring 2013 were even broadcasted in a radio feature hy the Hesssische Rundfunk.

At regional events like the „Rhön-Sprudel-Frühlingsfest“ at Weyhers or the „HR4-Wandertag“ at Silges, information boots presenting aspects of spring protection were set up. Besides presenting posters and pictures of spring inhabiting animals, visitors could view spring animals through a stereo microskope, and see living Rhön Spring Snails and Alpine Planarias in an aquarium. A Presentation on the theme "springs and spring protection" (4 roll-ups), which was financed by the Bioshere Reserve Rhön, is shown as an permanent exhibition in the Thuringia Administration Office of the Biosphere Reserve in Zella /Rhön. A copy of the roll-ups has been produced for the Hesse Federation for Cave and Karst Research, and is used for temporal exhibitions and info boots.