The results of the spring surveys and the faunistic determinations are stored in a MS Access database of the Hesse Federation for Cave and Karst Research, called the „Biospeläologische Kataster“ (Biospeleological Registry). New determinations are continually added and the taxonomy updated. Because of the relational architecture of the database, different queries can be run to supply results for different questions.

Every year, all survey data are exchanged with the data collection of authorities of the Hesse State (Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology) and of the Bavarian State (Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt), as well as with the Central Database of the Biosphere Reserve Rhön. This assures that the results of the spring surveys are taken into consideration when construction projects are affecting these areas, and protective measurements can be taken.

The fauna samples are stored in the archive of the „Biospeläologische Katasters“, unless they are kept in the collection of the specialists after the final identification. The specimens are availlable at any time for scientific research. They are also used in the project „German Barcode of Life“ (GBOL) for DNA-Barcoding .